Mobile Portfolio & Roadmap Product Lead: Matthew Wardenaar​​​​​​​
All good work is the ensemble of a team. I was responsible for the overall ASA product management roadmap and release for 3.7. My main area of focus was on unique iOS features. Other highlights below. 
Thailand, Korea and Russia (Jennifer Kuo) – ASA is now available in all Apple Online Store geos.  
Wallet Pass for APU (Mathieu Thouvenin) – Apple Store Pickup orders can be added to Wallet for convenience, and will automatically be surfaced upon arrival at an Apple Store. 
Favorites Everywhere (Talieh Rohani) – Favorites has been extended to all products and can also be viewed on ASA for Apple Watch. 
Peek & Pop (Matthew Wardenaar) – Customers that have 3D Touch-capable devices can now browse more quickly with “peek” previews and favorite or add to bag with a simple swipe and tap. 

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