LA VIDA LOGO - Myspace
Product Lead: Matthew Wardenaar
Created a cross platform app for user's to create their own Myspace logo.

AppBoy Review:
I think most people will agree with me on this, the coolest thing Myspace has done with it’s new redesign is the use of the new logo. The new open feel of the Myspace logo really portrays the idea of this being your personal space. Myspace has really blown me away recently with the work they have done to make their product relevant again and with the release of the free La Vida Logo you can take this design and make it truly your own. La Vida Logo allows you to create and customize your own version of the Myspace logo and if you use Myspace it allows you to make one awesome avatar for the site, all for free!

La Vida Logo is a very minimally designed app. Much like the new the real flair is in how you choose to use it. Upon launching the app you are greeted with the Myspace logo and a “+” button. Clicking the plus sign button brings up the first steps in creating your logo. You can choose to take a photo, choose a photo from your library or use the pre-loaded clip art built into the app. The app comes with a lot of choices in the built in clip art. Everything from textures to random items like an eyeball and boom box are included. Once you pick what photo or clip art you would like to use you have the add more clip art creating a layer styled picture. Also included is the ability to change the background and logo color from black to white or vice versa.
Once you have created your masterpiece you have the ability to share the finished product on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or save it to your device. Once cool feature that was very smart to add was the ability to bring your photo to the front of the canvas by simply pressing down on a section of it.

If you decide to add lots of clip art this could be a real life saver. Like I said before, the app is very minimal and will never replace your favorite iOS photo editor but if you like the new Myspace logo and want a way to make it yours this is the app for you. Personally, I would like to see more color options and even pre-installed themes to really take this to the next level but for the price of free they have done enough to make this app at least worth investigating.

The last thing worth mentioning is the fact that you have the chance to get your creation featured on Myspace’s home page. Once you upload your picture to the Myspace gallery it is entered into their current contest for a front page spot and that is pretty cool if you ask me.

La Vida Logo
Our Rating: 5/5

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