MyPrank - Myspace
Product Lead: Matthew Wardenaar
Developer: Curtis May
While I was at Myspace, I was tasked with developing new app ideas to bring user's back to Myspace. This is one of the resulting apps. MyPrank captures reactions of people that watch videos on your iPhone using the iPhone's front facing camera. The app does require an iPhone 4 or iPod touch (4th generation) because it needs the front facing camera to work.

You can play videos for friends/family and use the front facing camera to record and capture their reaction. The app is intended to be humorous and really put your friends on the spot. After recording their reaction on video, you will be able to share that to your social networks Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. The app also comes packed with funny and shocking videos if you don't have any already so you can get started. The app was available in iTunes.

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