Shakti- The Juice Bar App
Product & Design Lead: Matthew Wardenaar
Shakti seamlessly connects people to nourishment. Within seconds - users find quality, local juice bars & health food venues - choose their favorite food or drink, then order and pay. Your order is ready upon arrival, allowing you to skip the line. Shakti improves awareness of healthy venues, refines customer experience, improves consistency and saves users valuable time. 

- Ease of Use - Consumer & Venue 
- Geolocation Based Ordering 
- Integrated PCI Credit Card Processing 
- Full Reporting Finance Dashboard
Our team took 1st place at the Connect Capital Competition for 2014 - Learn more at Connect
Founder - Ryne O'donnel, Tech Lead - Mark Mazur, Product Lead & Design - Matthew Wardenaar
Advisors: Jeff Grad (Naked Juice & Evolution Juice), Greg Cortese, Mike Dovbish
V1 Exploration of Register App
V2 Exploration of Register App
Proof of Concept, alpah build.

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