Apple Store App 4.0
I was product lead for the overall roadmap and managed the release of this new version of Apple Store App (ASA). This was the work of a couple hundred people over an 8 month period.  The newly redesigned Apple Store app is a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And reserve a spot in an upcoming workshop or event.
Apple Store App 3.7
Shop for Apple products and accessories and get the most from your visits to the Apple Store. Start your order on one device and finish it on another. Have items shipped to your door or choose to pick them up in store. Browse trending products. Read reviews for hundreds of accessories. Find the nearest Apple Store and check out upcoming events. And make reservations for the Genius Bar and workshops. All from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. Additional features for iPhone: - Choose your favorite Apple Watch models by tapping the heart icon. They’ll be saved in your account so you can compare them. - Use Apple Pay and check out with a single touch. - Check your iPhone upgrade pricing and easily purchase a new one (U.S. only). - While in an Apple Store, quickly purchase accessories on your own with EasyPay. * - Based on your location in the store, receive helpful information and fast access to store services on your iPhone Lock screen.*
I helped build the world's largest peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace. The service was available in 49 states and had raised a total of $52.5 million. I lead the mobile product development for Android and iOS. Was domain expert and project lead for Owner Engagement/Experience, Listing Flows, Calendar, and Dashboard. Responsible for commerce verticals, across all platforms, for Park/Earn & Delivery.
Tagged was one of the largest global social networks with 300M registered users and 15M MAU. Users spent as much time on site, and as frequent, as Facebook. Product mix included social networking, instant messaging, gaming, online dating, friend discovery, group forums, user-generated content, virtual currency, online security, micro-payments, and subscriptions across 120 countries. I lead the mobile initiative, including: Roadmap, product strategy, rapid prototyping of v2 iOS 7 and Android Kit-Kat Apps (UI/UX, Glanceable UI). I built out the mobile product team and delivered the next version of mobile apps/site. Managed expansion of business through monetization efforts in virtual currency, e-commerce, and subscription models. Advised executives of business investments, monetization opportunities, mobile advertising, and QA policy/strategies. Lead practitioner of Agile and responsible for moving the product and mobile engineering team to Kanban Agile methodology.
Shakti - The Juice Bar App
This was an early stage product that launched in Newport Beach, CA. Although the app was well received and had secured funding, the team decided to move on to other endeavors.
Viddy 2.0
Product Experience Lead: Responsible for R&D efforts and rapid prototyping of products in and around the existing viddy video platform. Managed product and development efforts focusing on video beautification, filters, and version 2.0 of the viddy application across iOS, Android, and Mobile Web. Complete overhaul of video filters, creating 15 new filters using OpenGL.
Myspace App
Was product lead for Myspace apps
Celebuzz - BUZZMEDIA
I was the product lead for this iOS project from start to finish.
MyPrank - Myspace
Original idea developed for Myspace, was only live for 2 weeks w/ 70k downloads.
Topics - Myspace
Product Lead for Myspace Topics app
RetroMe - Myspace
Product Lead for RetroMe
Superpost - Myspace
Product lead for iOS and Android version of Superpost
Music News - Myspace
Product Lead for Music News app
Local Concerts - Myspace
Product lead for refresh of this iLike app, acquired by Myspace
Music Videos - Myspace
Product Lead for Music Video app, V2 of the Myspace "I Heart Romeo" app.
La Vida Logo - Myspace
Product Lead for Myspace rebranding app.
MyCrush - Myspace
Created a dating app while I was a product manager at Myspace
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